Saturday, February 6, 2010

Kidding has begun!

Well, here we are in a perpetual "calm before the storm " mode. Our 2010 kidding season started off with a set of triplets from my favorite doe and our best buck. We had 2 bucklings but sadly the doeling was still born. We have been on constant baby watch day and night this week . The stubborn girls just seem to be waiting for me to turn my back. Two does are overdue and obviously miserable but still very prego!
The rain just keeps pouring in and the mud is unbelievable as the temps continue to hoover at 33 degrees. I soooo wanted to go to Virginia next week but they are snowed in by the record snowfall. I guess that I will spend my time working on cheese recipes and a proforma. BLAH!
As I promised, here is the link to Dig Another Well II It is well worth the read for anyone who is struggling now and questioning Gods role in their life. Sometimes we see every failure or strife as God forsaking us or not being blessed. Issac felt the same. Persistence and perseverance are what God teaches in tough times. Living by faith and being diligent in you efforts when things are rosy is just "easy peasy" but in times like we are seeing lately it is easy to question.....
I am continuing in my own quest as to which direction our lives should take. I am still working on the idea of a dairy and creamery as time allows. I am so very thankful that while our country is in a state of turmoil and financial downturn I am rich beyond measure to have a loving family, my husband and soulmate, with my faith in God to give me confidence.
I am at the age that "living simply by simply living" is becoming my motto. I no longer see value in material things . I see them as things that cost many hours of my life and my family time to pay for them. When I see things that tempt my fancy I now stop and mentally evaluate just how much of my life,energy and family I must sacrifice to own it. Fewer and fewer "things" seem worth that cost these days!
I have kept a little sign for at least 20 years that says this"Lord,please help me not to hold on to the things of this world as it hurts too much when you must pry them from my hands"
I guess this will also help when the current Administration steals the last bit of bread from our table and clothes from our back.