Wednesday, October 27, 2010

6 months late!!

WOW!! I seem to have abandoned my blog for the past 6 months. I truly have been busy but should do better. I will give a quick fast forward to bring you up on things .
Thankfully, it has been a productive time. I was able to can and freeze tons of food from our gardens.We are trying a big fall garden this year in hopes of having lots of collards,brussels sprouts,cabbage,turnips,carrots,beets,broccoli, spinach and other greens . With the crazy weather we are still getting tomatoes and bell pepper! I am going to try to extend the harvest by covering them with a floating cloth this fall.
The kennels were busier than they have been in a long time. I sure hope that this means that we are at least leveling off within the economy. It has been a tough time for so many people. We are very fortunate to have done as well as we have.

My son Nolan and his new wife Ashley, are doing wonderfully in their first year of marriage.Victoria is zooming thru nursing school with flying colors.We were blessed to have her home this year for the summer. It was sure hard to have her move out this fall.
Elisabeth is safely tucked away as a freshman at Clemson. It is always hard to take another one from the nest:( SHe continues to write her songs and plans to record a few on Christmas break!
Hannah had a chance to attend ADGA National this year with Rusty Repp and Mary Fife.
It has solidly lit a fire in her to become a judge some day and do everything that she can to advance her goat management and showing skills. She has her learners permit and is doing quite well driving. Adrianna is growing like a weed both physically and intellectually.She is 11 going on 25! We are enjoying having her back at home for school and making the most of every opportunity to experience learning in all aspects.Both girls are working to become more involved in the Walton County 4H club.
Our goats are movie stars! We had a great time providing the milk goats for the Jennifer Anniston /Paul Rudd movie that has been filming in Ga. The extra money has been tucked back to feed the herd and buy extras that they might need.
The movie is "Wunderlust " and will come out next spring or summer. The content make be a bit risque we found out after the fact so proceed with caution:)

My husband so graciously added on a 24x24 addition to my goat barn! It has been so wonderful to have the extra space.
He will also be adding 2 new cameras for a total of 3 so that I can watch everyone during kidding season via our network OR the internet. That sure saves so many steps and keeps me from worrying about the little sneakies.
Our show season is over until spring and we are pleased with the progress that our herd has made this year. I can only hope that we do as well next season. We have some very exciting breeding this fall and you can see them at
The fall garden is planted and Adrianna has a cold frame that she got for her birthday that we hope to try out. Our milk and cheese sales are still growing and helping to feed the animals. For this we are extremely grateful otherwise, many would have to leave.
Ken has cut and split cords and cords of fire wood for the winter so we are ready to stay warm. I just love the warmth of a fire. If we could just get mother nature to realize that it is almost NOVEMBER!!!
Speaking of November, I am sooo excited about the opportunity to vote soon. Please make your voice heard and stand to be counted!!


  1. I just hate seeing those "0 Comments" on my blog! I get so many people telling me that they love my site, but to no avail, there sits that big, fat, zero comments! So I LOVED that you took a moment out of your busy day to comment on my blog! Much thanks:) I had big ideas about getting a great winter garden in, but just the usual suspects, greens, kale, broccoli, some root veggies. When we went to plant our garden, we discovered our "conrete-esk" soil would make things very difficult for us, so we decided to raise the beds and dump all our horse manure in them. The one big contribution our horses make! Too bad we couldn't teach them to use the veggie beds like a toilet! Talk about horse whispering! Had a very successful spring and summer garden. Except my poor tomato plants acted as if I had planted them on the surface of the sun! I've got 4 beds of asparagus. Do you grow asparagus? Next year will be our first year to harvest it. Can't wait! They say you can harvest up to 20 years! My kind of veggie! Also, do you grow basil? I grew over 30 plants this year...had enough pesto till the end of times! Do you have a way to freeze it without it turning an icky brown?

  2. I have hundreds of asparagus plants! I just LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I take every opportunity to buy more when they are on clearance etc. in seed catalogs. I will start weeding them after the first of the year when the other junk dies back.
    I dehydrate all my surplus herbs. My big adventure next year is to start a true herb garden. If you want to save pesto you can can it I am pretty sure.

  3. OOOPPPPSSS! I was wrong! No Canning recommendations,actually say do not can! It says freezing is the best way. Maybe you can add citric acid,lemon juice,vinegar or something else acidic to the herbs prior to mixing to stop the browning. Fruit Fresh could work.