Monday, December 28, 2009

new baby

We have a first here on the farm....a December kid! We realized a couple of weeks ago that one of our doelings was building an udder. It seems that while we were away in Virginia the end of July she came in heat and was bred. I know! I was late getting our bucklings out of the doe pen and didn't want to do it just before leaving for 11 days. Well, I came home 2 days too late LOL! I will have to DNA test 3 bucks but this beauty will be worth it.
We have also had a really wonderful holiday season at the kennels. Things have been so slow that I had feared we would have almost no dogs here. Thankfully,I was wrong. Our cow Missy is coming into full production and giving wonderful sweet milk with loads of cream. As soon as we slow down from the holidays I will be frantically making as much butter and cheese as possible. I plan to start another churn of kraut soon also. I look forward to the real winter weather that comes in Jan. and Feb. Our kidding season begins the first week of Feb. so I need to get the kid stalls ready and heat lamps up.
The seed catalogs are coming in and it is time to sit by the woodstove and plan my orders. Life is good!

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