Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Year -New Plans

2010 ! That looks strange when I actually write it. It seems like a sci fi movie title from 30 years ago. I am from the generation that Star Wars bloomed. While I am definitely not a Treky, I d0 know a few that are:)
As the New Year rolled in the Arctic air came with it. I love cold weather! Everything seems to be fresher. The stars sparkle at night a little brighter and there is always the anticipation for the coveted precipitation.
On the other hand, I do have more concern for my animals well being. Even though,we break ice they don't seem to drink enough. Reduction in milk given is an indication that their bodies are using resources for keeping warm. I do try to make sure that they have what they need but I am always watching for stress. We will be swarmed with new babies in about 3 more weeks so I am in frenzy to be ready.
2009 brought with it a different kind of stress for many folks including myself. The economy has begun to take it's toll on most. I am pondering every purchase a little longer and less productive animals are being put on the "to sale" list. The idea that they must add back to their cost has me finally pushing myself a little harder to go Grade A. We already function as a dairy for all intent but the certification would bring new costs initially in equipment and buildings. So for the next few weeks I will try to weigh the pros and cons of this emerging idea.
I know that my life will always involve animals and farming so it is not the 24/7 that concerns me. I love what I do and will always strive to self sustain. It is the strange new Government that is frighening. I have never been more concerned about the future of America. I am unsure of where this administration intends to take us but I have the little gut instinct that tells me that it is not good. I feel a bit queasy.
Oh, how I wish that Aesop's Fables were still in our school studies. I am always preaching to my children that "many hands make light work". I adhere to the 'Little Red Hen' theory. It seems that those in power do not. They insist on rewarding laziness with the earnings of those who work! Well,even the Bible says "2 Thes 3:10 Even while we were with you, we gave you this rule: "Whoever does not work should not eat." I guess if you don't believe in the Bible you might need to read the 'Little Red Hen'! I'll be damned if I am going to bust mine and continue to have it stolen away and squandered on vermin.
My New Years Resolution is to FIGHT back! I am not sure exactly how to do it, but this gal has had enough. I am sorry if I might step on a few toes this year but don't worry that I will covet anything of yours. I will pull my own little wagon . If I fail to provide, I will do without . People say that "you don't know what it is like to be hungry". No I don't,but I also don't know what it is like to sit on my ass and wait for a check from someone else to feed me. I am not a selfish person and will always share...especially with those who can't do for themselves BUT those are few indeed.
There will be a time in the near future that everyone will need to make choices that we have never been faced with before. I hear the drum beats.......

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